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If there is anything Hackney Wick is known for its the rich culture and diverse community of people that bring such life to this East London borough. Etched within its history will always be the melting pot of music that emerged in the 70s from the subcultures that called Hackney Wick home. Its long list of artists, creators and musicians have coloured and carved out this East London location, and has made it what it is today: a wonderfully electric and curiously interesting place to live. 

Sensational Spaces

Hackney Wick was the birthplace of many cultural revolutions, artistic genius and social movements most prolifically for the creative minds that saw beyond what the harder, louder city of London had to offer and built their own ideas right here in a catalyst of forward thinkers. There is something about living in Hackney Wick that inspires something greater and seeks out what is lost in dense urban living.

A newer fresher Hackney Wick

While the impressions of the past has left its brilliance upon Hackney Wicks’ canvas, it is the rejuvenated, reimagined, regenerated areas that have formed its modern areas and spoiled residents with contemporary amenities that attract families and young professionals alike. Hackney Wicks’ future is built around the prosperity of its new comers and the enterprises that have cropped up in this blossoming location. Being home to the 2012 London Olympics Park, the area has seen rapid regeneration, creating a hub of sports facilities, leisure and activity spaces and all the new business opportunities that come with it. Boasting a host of edgy eateries and bohemian baristas along the canal, combined with the bountiful open space in Victoria Park, the fresher side to the city outskirts has transformed its face and blended modernity and memory.

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So whether it’s the unbeatable transport to the centre and its commuter convenience; or its the clean modern spaces; or the magnetic bursts of art and bubbling music scene that spills from every corner, Hackney Wick will have you mesmerized. Hackney Wick is a place you can’t pin down in one sentence, or completely get to grips with without being surprised by the next new thing. Moving here is an experience like no other and will have you inspired from the moment you get your keys to your new home.

View properties for sale in Hackney Wick