10 Tips - How to Create a Balcony Garden?

We've compiled a list of recommendations to create your perfect urban garden

10 Tips - How to Create a Balcony Garden?


Spring is in the air and it’s time for planting. Here are our top ten tips for creating a beautiful outdoor space this spring/summer.


1.     Check your light – Before you begin, you’ll need to analyse the light your outdoor space gets. Check how many hours of sunlight your balcony gets, as well as whether you receive any indirect light.

2.     What to buy? – You should select your plants to match your space. If you receive direct sunlight, then grasses, succulents, vines and herbs will work well. For shade, ferns, ivy, fuschias and begonias are better suited.

3.     Annuals or perennials – Another consideration is whether you’d like to grow annuals, perennials or a mix of both. By planting some of each, you can enjoy annuals, such as fresh herbs, summertime flowers and vegetables, as well as perennial greens that will give life to the space in winter.

4.     Consider scents – Think about scent when you’re creating your balcony garden. It adds another layer of depth and enjoyment to your outdoor space.

5.     Categorise your plants – When selecting your plants, physically group them together by their light and moisture requirements. This makes it easier to cater for their needs.

6.     Potting your plants – When purchasing pots, make sure that they are compatible with the plant you’d like to go in it. We’d advise researching the growth habits of your plants and checking that there is adequate drainage.

7.     Selecting your soil – Use potting soil that is designed for this purpose. The soil is much lighter and is better suited to balcony planting.

8.     Don’t forget to compost – The key ingredient to growing strong and healthy plants is composting. Add a layer of compost to your plants as a top dressing. 

9.     Watering – Keep your plants healthy by watering your plants slowly and thoroughly. Continue to water until excess water drains out of the bottom of your pot.

10.  Tailor your watering – Your watering will change dependingon the weather and planting pots. For instance, in windy areas, plants require more water. Terracotta pots require more frequent watering than any other material due to the absorption.


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