Guide to Painting a Room

A step-by-step guide to painting your home.

Guide to Painting a Room


There’s nothing better than a freshly painted room. It breathes new life into the surroundings and can help to transform a space. However, the act itself is less desirable. However, here are a few tips to make it that little bit easier.


Clean walls

Starting with a clean canvas will give you a smooth finish. In order to do this, you will need to remove all dust, dirt and grease by washing the wall with water and a small amount of dishwashing detergent.


Prepare your tape

To make sure that you’re not left with paint splattering, which will spoil your clean finish, taping is key. You should begin by putting painter’s tape on the trim, window and doorframes. However, make sure to remove it when you finish painted, before the wall dries. That way, it won’t peel off any paint with it.


Prime the walls

Even if the wall has been painted before, priming is still a good idea. It helps increase the sheen and coverage of the paint. Plus, it helps to give the finish coat a more uniform appearance.


Use a paintbrush

There are certain areas that you can’t use a roller, such as around the trim and in the corners of walls. In these instances, try using a two-inch angled brush to get a clean result. Extend out three inches around windows, doors and moldings, and then continue with a roller.


The ‘W’ technique

A great way to ensure a smooth and uniform painted wall is to use the ‘W’ approach. To do this, start on one side of the wall and roll a 3x3 foot ‘W’, then fill the gaps without lifting the roller. Continue in sections on each wall until finished.


Paint the trim

Wait until the walls are bone dry and then start on the trim. Tape the area where the trim meets the wall. Paint the moldings, door and window frames with a two-inch angles brush for the best result. Voila. You’ve finished.


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