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Autumn Gardening Guide

Posted: 27 Sep 2017

Category: General

Hashtags: #New Home   

Your guide to lawns, borders, soil & planting

163-3833-Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 09.42.44.png


With autumn fast approaching it’s time to prepare for seasonal change in your garden. We’ve compiled a list of gardening suggestions to ensure you make the most of this charming season.


Lawn Maintenance

Autumn is the perfect time to revitalise your garden lawn. You can do this by removing any cut grass and moss with a rake, and then add this to your compost heap. When raking, make deep holes in the soil with the prongs of a garden fork every 10cms to create drainage and aeration. Autumn is also the perfect time to lay new turf as it gives it plenty of time to establish itself ahead of next summer.


Plant Evergreens

The cool conditions yet warm soil makes autumn perfect for planting the backbone of the garden, evergreens. These sturdy plants provide structure and depth to your garden, and also life in the depths of winter. Try planting Sarcococca, Daphne, Camellias or Fatsia.


Border Control

Autumn calls for managing your garden borders. Dig up annuals to leave space to plant winter bedding, such as wallflowers and pansies, which will produce a striking and colourful display in the spring.


The change in season also gives you the opportunity to move poorly placed plants and divide overcrowded perennials while the soil is still warm. Once your borders have been tidied, spread compost, wood chips or manure.


Soil Preparation

The key to getting your vegetable garden ready for spring is to prepare the soil and replenish the nutrients. To do this, cover the soil and weeds with black plastic through the winter months to suppress growth and kill off the weeds. When spring comes around, you’ll have weed-free and fertile land, so you can plant into nutrient-filled soil.



Finally, remember growing doesn’t have to stop when autumn begins. There are many plants that thrive in an autumnal climate. Early sowings of broad beans and peas can start from late September to mid-November. Garlic can also be planted in autumn right the way through to February, provided the ground isn’t too hard. Finally, you can make headway with your Christmas potatoes. To do this, plant seed potatoes in September in a pot, so they can establish themselves before the first frost. Then remove the potatoes from the pot and plant them in the ground. Keep watering and earthing until late December when you can dig up your crop.


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