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Why Are Floorplans Important?

Posted: 11 Apr 2018

Category: General

Hashtags: #New Home   #First Time Buyer   

Find out why floorplans are invaluable when buying a new home



Floorplans are an integral part of purchasing a home. They allow homeowners to get a greater understanding of a property and its functional characteristics and are very important when buying a property off-plan (i.e. before it is built).


There are many key insights that floorplans can provide. Floorplans allow first time buyers to understand the size of an apartment or house, as well as the space they’re working with. For example, floorplans show where the stairs, windows and doors are located, as well as the general room layout.


In order to get the most effective use out of floorplans, the best way is to visualise opening the front door and walking through the house. This way, it’s easy to understand the flow of a property, from corridors to living spaces, bedrooms to bathrooms.


All the rooms marked on the floorplans are labelled with dimensions in feet and inches, leading with the width, then the length. The metres and centimetres are listed beneath this, in brackets.


Each door and window contained on the floorplan is also given a location and size. This allows prospective buyers to see if the doors and windows are aligned to create a view or are well-placed for natural light. Windows are shown as three parallel lines in a wall and doors sit as a straight line and arc, to allow buyers to see what direction the door opens.


For each of our Shared Ownership developments, we share a floorplan for all available homes. These floorplans are all held on the development-specific website. In order to find a floorplan, visit our list of developments, available here.  


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