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How to Purchase a Resale Property

Posted: 30 May 2018

Category: General

Hashtags: #New Home   #First Time Buyer   

Find out how you could own a Shared Ownership resale

253-5954-SHO Resales - Shared Ownership.jpg


It’s a little-known fact that you can purchase a Shared Ownership resale. However, in reality, it’s actually a common occurrence, with one in five of our customers moving into a resale property.


The process is exactly the same as buying a Shared Ownership home at one of our new developments, with the exception of one thing. When purchasing a resale, you must buy the entire share that the existing tenant owns. For instance, if the owner bought a 35% share in their property, then you must do the same.


The benefit of a resale property is that you can purchase your first home in a wide range of locations across London and the South East, from some of our most highly sought-after developments.


We currently have a wide range of resale properties available, from one-bedroom apartments in Hackney to three-bedroom houses on the West Sussex coast. To view a full range of our available Shared Ownership properties, please visit our website for details.


Are you looking for a stylish and modern home?

Southern Home Ownership is dedicated to providing stylish, high quality and contemporary new homes for sale on a Shared Ownership basis.

If you're a first-time buyer and interested in owning a Shared Ownership property in London and the South East then click on this link to take a look at our latest developments.