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Cutlery Shopping Guide

Posted: 13 Jun 2018

Category: General

Hashtags: #New Home   

The top retailers on the high street to purchase your knives and forks

257-6066-Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 10.01.37.png


So, you’ve moved into your new home and kitted yourself out with a bed, dining room table and sofa. Now it’s onto the smaller items. Our shopping guide covers all the best retailers for your cutlery needs.


John Lewis 
If you’re a fan of mix and match or already have some cutlery at your disposable, then John Lewis is the place for you. It has a fantastic range of quality individual items for you to choose from. Furthermore, with prices starting from £2 per item, you can’t go wrong.


George at ASDA 
There are two fundamental things going for the George at ASDA cutlery range. Firstly, it’s price point is low. For example, you can purchase a 16-piece cutlery set for £4. Secondly, George at Asda has a wide range of designs on offer, from coloured handles to iridescent sets.


Habitat designs are sleek, sophisticated and refined and its range of silverware is no different. Think modern designs with flowing lines.


Marks and Spencer 
With a 16-piece collection available for as little as £8, M&S will surprise you with the affordability of its cutlery. The retailer also sells a number of teaspoon sets, which is great if you lose them at record speed.


If you’re looking for the Giacometti of cutlery, then Amara is your brand. It specialises in selling wonderfully long, bold and angular cutlery that can’t help but make a statement on the dining room table.


Dove Mill 
Dove Mill stocks a wide array of modern and refined cutlery sets. Their point of difference is the finish of their tableware - choices include brushed silver, matte black or rose gold, amongst others.


House of Fraser 
With over 100 sets of cutlery in stock, it’s fair to say that House of Fraser has a wide array of choice. From chunky modernist items to gold tipped silverware, their website and stores are worth a visit.


Finally, if you’re looking to splurge, then Alessi is the only way to go. Its world-renowned designs are forward-thinking, high-quality and completely unique. Your cutlery drawer will never look the same again.


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