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A Year in Numbers

Posted: 03 Jan 2017

Category: General

Hashtags: #New Home   #Affordable Home   #First Time Buyer   

It's been an eventful and dynamic year for us. Here's a look at our year in numbers

95-1551-Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 17.37.24.png


2016 has been a fast-paced and dynamic year for all of us at Southern Home Ownership. We wanted to share with you a little of what we've done, from resales, new developments and on to Second Steps.


Here's a round up of our year in numbers:

New developments 

This year, we successfully launched four new developments, including The Sands, (Folkestone), Bow River Village, The Soapworks and BASE15. This has accounted for more than 100 homes across London and the South East.


First time buyers

We’re thrilled to announce that 90% of our shared ownership homes have been purchased by first time buyers. And with that we’ve met and housed some great people along the way.


Helping families find a new home

In 2016, we helped 11 shared owners move up the property ladder Second Steps. Second Steps allows current shared owners to sell their existing home to make their next move. They then purchased a home for sale on the open market, with our support through shared ownership. This makes the initial purchase, as well as the ongoing monthly payments, more affordable.



A total of 69 homes were sold through our fantastic Resale scheme. This means that if you buy your first home through shared ownership, we will also help you to sell it this way too. This then leaves you open to move up the property ladder.


Future developments

We aim to launch a further 10 developments in 2017, which will account for 150 new shared ownership properties across London and the South East.


Are you looking for a stylish affordable home?

Southern Home Ownership is dedicated to providing stylish, high quality and affordable new homes for sale on a shared ownership basis. If you're a first time buyer and interested in owning a shared ownership property in London and the South East then visit the SHO website to view our latest developments.