Selling Your Shared Ownership Home


Southern Home Ownership understand that circumstances change; growing family, relocation for work, the list goes on.  As a shared owner you are able to sell your property at any time and the Sales Services Team is on hand to help you through the process.

Under the terms of your lease, we have a nomination period in which we aim to find a buyer for your home.  This is so we can retain the property under our affordable home ownership portfolio and ensure the property is sold to another first time buyer who cannot afford to buy on the open market.

We hold a unique database of people who are currently looking for a Shared Ownership home and we have a great track record of finding buyers within the set nomination period. 

If Southern is unsuccessful in finding a buyer for your property within the nomination period, you are able to sell the property on the open market at 100%. This transaction is known as a “Simultaneous Staircase and Sale”.

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